Monday, March 15, 2010

Chinese Brocade Lipstick Case

I found these picture while clearing off my hard disk. It's something oriental & quite popular few years back. I don't have ready stock with me, please allow 1 month of ordering & delivery from the factory.

Price: RM 2.50

(previously selling at rm 3.50 each)

Dimension: (It fits 2 normal size of lipstick)

Height - 3cm

Length - 8.5cm

Width - 5.5cm

MOQ: 9 dozen = 108pcs

Wedding Planner, Hantaran Maker, Reseller - Please call me for wholesale Quotation - Minimum Quantity is required

Best Regards

YM: slugger283


  1. My grandma has one. Its really sweet and colorful. Chinese make every such art with hands and tools no machinery. And they are also life long.

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